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I've sort of been working from home (only with too much "home" and not enough "work"; I have an unfortunate tendency to lie in bed and surf the internet all day and sometimes all night). What I'm doing is making accessories and jewelry to sell in my etsy shop.
I've also really gotten into Steampunk. I introduced my dad to it and he was also intrigued. The two of us attended the California Steampunk Convention in December, officially the world's first steampunk convention. He subsequently decided to open a steampunk-themed etsy shop and invited me to join him in stocking it with homemade gadgets and gewgaws while he would also supply genuine Victorian-era antiques. Right now it is full of my earrings and his button hooks. The associated Steamtopia website showcases steampunk-related photographs, Victorian etchings depicting old-fashioned machinery, and the Steamtopia Blog, which was my idea, and which tells stories of adventure etc. amongst the airship pirates in the land of Steamtopia from the perspective of one Alexander Babbage.
Last weekend I went to see Wicked at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. I already knew the story was interesting and the songs very good (if just a tad more upbeat than the book), making the musical extremely popular. What I did not know about the show was how it looked, which can be summed up in one word: Steampunk. The sets were made up of enormous cogs and the costumes were "twisted" versions of Edwardian dress. And it was all very pretty. The theatre itself was a work of art as well, with ceilings that have to be seen to be believed. I enjoyed myself immensely (and bought a t-shirt!).
I've heard that blogs are improved through the use of pictures. So here are some pictures for you.
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14th-May-2008 06:13 pm - I has a webcomic!
I just realized that I hadn't got a link to it here, mostly because it's been approximately forever since I was last on this site.
My brother and I started a webcomic in January, which we've been posting over at drunkduck. It's called The Nonessential War and it's supposed to be about a confrontation between two "armies". I draw one army and he draws the other. It's very much an experiment, one of those projects you do just to see if you can make it work. Because we don't collaborate on / discuss individual strips until they are finished it should get very interesting - for us - the more our characters interact.
It was also an excuse for me to draw pretty pictures on my tablet pc. Which I love. I am also inordinately fond of Microsoft Office OneNote, which is gradually replacing my hoard of spiral-bound notebooks.
Oh and by the way, my army is made up of pirates and his is all mutants. XD 'Cause we crazy like that.
20th-Feb-2008 08:43 pm - StyleMob

Check out StyleMob, a new community for street fashion enthusiasts! It's a site where you can show off your outfits and the more love they get, the more points you get. Plus you can check out other people's awesome and unique styles. The site lets you browse by item, style, city, occasion, gender, or keyword.

In my opinion it's not quite as cool as shoutfit was but it'll do in a pinch and it's much better than most of this type of sites. It also promotes DIY fashion, even to the point of giving away etsy.com gift certificates as prizes.

29th-Jun-2007 04:58 pm - A question for you all
Have you ever been truly alone? Like, without any friends you could call up and hang out with, or at least talk to for an hour or two?
20th-Mar-2007 02:08 pm - Wouldn't you like to know . . .
. . . what I've been doing lately?

Too bad. I'm going to tell you anyways.

Last weekend we went whale watching at Point Arena lighthouse. We didn't see any whales but some of the other people in our group did before we got there. We did get to climb the lighthouse twice and look at the lens (which the Coast Guard sadly wants to move into the gift shop/ museum), and the second time we were able to go out on the balcony and walk around. Unfortunately, it was really foggy that day so the view wasn't as cool as it might have been, but we did see some seals sitting on a rock. We also brought the lyrics to the Greenland Whale Fishery song so we could sing it in the lighthouse, because it has really great acoustics. On Saturday night we had a potluck (everyone was supposed to make old family recipes, comfort foods from their childhood - we brought canned soup) and a sing-along. It was like sitting around a campfire except indoors and I actually had my back to the fireplace, but there were two guys with guitars and we requested songs from a packet. At the end, my brother and I and a girl named Katie sang two songs that weren't in the packet but that they had written down the lyrics to from memory (a cappella, of course, since we didn't know the chords) - "The Way" by Fastball and "Moonlight Densetsu" from Sailor Moon. After cleaning up from the potluck, the three of us went over to her cottage and watched some anime she'd brought until 2:30 am. We also went to two beaches, where we climbed around on the rocks and driftwood and didn't go anywhere near the water. I think I actually succeeded in not getting sand in my shoes, too, which is a miracle.
A couple weeks ago my dad and I went to FIDM's VIP day tour which includes getting to see the Debut show in person. We went by plane, which makes this the first time I've flown somewhere nearer than the East coast. The flight to LA is just long enough for you to get a little cramped and tired without actually being long enough to settle in and take a nap, read a book, or watch a movie.
In a couple more weeks I'll be going to Mexico again. Steven is coming too, and this'll be his first time. It should be interestingly different from previous trips; we're going for a week but we're supposed to be staying in a hotel and eating in restaurants (as opposed to setting up a tent city in a soccer field). They also said we'll be going to the beach sometime in the middle of the week.
As regards my previously mentioned "maybe-NaNo" project, I stopped writing before the month was over, and two weeks later I checked out a screenwriting book from the school library and started over. So it's going slowly but I swear I'm still working on it - or I would be, if I had any time between all this traveling. The main challenge will be to make it not too much like Star Trek or Firefly but still interesting. That and actually making the show when I'm done writing it.
Forget the stupid bus, it just started pouring rain out of nowhere. It is really coming down. I hear thunder, too, so I'd better turn off the computer before Nature does it for me.
20th-Mar-2007 01:27 pm - Chronotis
It seems the god(s) of time don't want me attending school this week. Yesterday I slept through my alarm clock, and when I woke up and looked at my watch it said 1:40 (which is the exact time I would have to leave the house in order to get to school just as my classes were ending), so I went back to sleep. A few hours later, I heard my dad asking if I was planning to go to school or not, since it was 1:15. I looked at my watch again. It still said 1:40. I got up anyway, and dressed, because it was too cold to hang around the house in my nightshirt and besides I thought I might go shopping for things I could use in my sculpture class. Then I went to eat breakfast. I pulled my watch out of my pocket to look at again for no particular reason, and now it said 2:00! It was running again. I looked at the clock to see what time it really was so I could set my watch. The clock above the stove said 12:50. My alarm clock said 12:58. At this point I was really confused. My dad said 12:50 was correct and he'd actually told me 12:15 and not 1:15 earlier and he was very tired so could I please go away and had I missed all my classes? And I said from my perspective I'd missed them three times over and then I went downstairs and finished my breakfast.
My watch stopped again this morning at 3:00 but it started running when I put on my pants with it in the pocket so I think maybe it just doesn't like the cold? So I reset it to match the time on the computer but I'm not sure that's the time it was set to before and I missed my bus even though I thought I was running early. Then I walked home and had some breakfast and tried for the next bus. I got there in plenty of time but I realized that I'd forgotten my Student Access Card and I didn't have enough money to buy a ticket, so I went home again, having missed my first class. And I just now missed the one that would take me to my afternoon class, because I lost track of the time while typing this. If I can find my card I will try to catch the next one, but I'm not sure it's worth it for an hour or less in class.
I decided to write a sci-fi script. However, seeing as it is almost two weeks into November and I have other obligations this year, I'm not sure if I will try to make it a NaNo project or just the regular kind. It sort of feels like a NaNo project, though. I downloaded the program Final Draft to write it on and I really like it. It formats the script, keeps track of statistics like who's in which scenes, how many times locations are reused, how much profanity is present in the dialogue, etc., and it can read what you've written aloud using different voices for each character, which is funny if not terribly useful. It also has useful word processing features like spell check, thesaurus, a database of names you can give your characters, and a word count. Yesterday I wrote 1,957 words. Today I haven't done as much work on the script because I was making character sheets, but I really think this is a project that I can go all the way with.
8th-Jul-2006 09:39 pm - Blah
Your survey results are Artistic and Social.
You have mechanical or athletic interests; you prefer to work with tools, machines, animals or objects. You like to build, repair, grow or make things. Click here for Realistic programs. Investigative
You like to solve problems, observe, examine, or evaluate. You like to work independently and are task-oriented. Click here for Investigative programs. Artistic
You have creative or artistic interests; you like to use your imagination and to work independently. Click here for Artistic programs.
You like to help, inform, train, teach or cure people; you like to work with groups and be cooperative; you have great concern for others. Click here for Social programs. Enterprising
You like to work with people: to supervise, motivate, sell or persuade. You like to use oral skills and you enjoy competitive activities. Click here for Enterprising programs. Conventional
You like to work with data; you have clerical and numeric interests. You like to do activities that require attention to detail and accuracy. Click here for Conventional programs.
Category Score
Artistic 23
Social 18
Realistic 12
Investigative 11
Enterprising 10
Conventional 6

Quick update, sorry.
29th-May-2006 12:18 am - Is a picture worth a thousand words?
My mother has a display on one wall in the "office" at her house which consists of three large picture frames containing a collection of pictures of her children; one frame for each of us (each one holds 14 photos).
I find myself contemplating them when I have nothing else to do, because I'm sure that such a display cannot avoid saying something about the three of us as individuals. Even if what it says is only a "first impression" kind of thing. And I'm always curious about what I may look like in others' eyes.
I look for similarities in the pictures of one set, and differences between the three. What prompted me to write this down today is an awareness of our attitudes toward having our pictures taken.
Steven's a little stiff in his photos, though never in real life; he poses for the camera. He acts cute for the camera, he cries for the camera - whatever he's doing in the photo, he's doing it with intent, because he wants his picture taken in that pose. He's smiling in almost all of his pictures, a nice big cheesy grin, and the only one where he isn't looking directly into the lens is one I took while he was asleep.
Jimmy's more comfortable and casual around the camera. I feel like he sees it almost as a friend. His photos are mostly action shots, and while he's perfectly willing to share whatever he happens to be doing with the camera, he isn't doing it for the camera.
But I refuse to strike a pose, or even to hold still for the camera (although I'm usually still normally so it's not hard to get a clear shot). I'm actually smiling in most of the pictures in my set - although I doubt she'd have found six good pictures of me smiling without a good nineteen years' worth to go through - but what I see behind the smile may not be obvious to the casual observer. I am far from friendly with the camera. I don't want to be a still photo on the wall - I want to go on living my life, not stop so someone else can get a glimpse. I don't want to smile just so people will feel happy when they look at the photo years later. In fact, I find myself unable to give a false smile for the camera, at least not one that doesn't plainly show some other emotion underneath, usually a sort of bittersweet irony. (You can especially see that in other photographs around the house, the ones taken on holidays or in professional studios, when everything has to be perfect and my mother's been yelling and pulling my hair out for hours in preparation; the ones where my face clearly says "I was crying five minutes ago, but I'm smiling now!" - because after all, how could I do anything but smile for the camera when I know I'll get worse from her afterwards if I don't?) In the photos that show a natural smile, I'm looking away from the camera, deliberately ignoring it. In the ones where I'm looking into the lens, the smile is more predatory, "get out of my face before I tear you apart".
But I doubt my mother notices the difference. She's just happy I smiled for the photo.
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